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This service is FREE and is designed for people to find email pals, the electronic equivalent of pen pals. This site has been running since June 1997 and has seen over 200,000 E-pals join up.

If you would like to become an E-pal or just browse the current E-pals, simply click the menu above. Your next best friend could be only a click away.

A few of E-pal Worlds features..

Free To Join This site is free to join, always has been, always will be.

Email Address Verification When a user joins a confirmation email is sent to the user to verify they wish to join, it also serves to confirm a real email address has been used.

Offensive ads All ad's displayed also show the 'Offensive Ad' button, the user just clicks this and the ad will be temporarly removed until the ad has been verified.

No Email Address Displayed People contact you by clicking on the send email button, when you receive the email you can decide if you reply. At no point do they see your email address.

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127545lesly adriana21
112814Nina Wang24
103471elain lee23
104870Tasleem Bi23
108314Daniel Kerrison28
Total E-pals:  21754

Male E-pals:  10142 (46.62%)
Female E-pals:  11612 (53.38%)

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Name: Leonie bekkernens
Gender: Female
Country: Netherlands
Comments: I am 16 years old and my birthday is on 8 may. I have blue e....
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