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for people who are going through tough times and want to talk to someone else who is, too.


The Wall

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Apr 27
Recently joined, available to communicate with others about that which concerns or troubles them. I am a guide. Not to say that I am not with issues or concerns myself, some of which no doubt might be disclosed as we converse.
Mar 21
im new here and will really love to talk someone about what am going through
Jan 27
is anybody on anymore
Nov 30 '16
Hi , if you need to someone to speak about your feeling or problem,i'm here.
Feb 10 '16
Hi, I am Alice living in Korea. Guys, if you need a pep-talk, I am right here. Message me. I can be a young but helpful friend to you.
Dec 29 '15
hi guys, i'm here to search an e-pal, and i can also help you fix the problem
Dec 15 '15
Hi everyone, I'm new here. I've had to face alot of challenges in life and still straggling with my hardest one , Depression , Anxiety and panic attacks. I guess id like someone to talk to without feeling as though they are judging me.
Sep 30 '15
Hey guys .... pl contact me to undo problems and to find a solution
Sep 30 '15
Hi Samara.. Don't get disappointed in life....look forward that life is so beautiful...I am Bhuvan can reach me by [email protected]
Aug 3 '15
I've recently started my journey to recovery realised that i didn't like the person i was becoming looking for like minded people. message me
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