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So... Lets talk Anime.

People who love Anime unite! This is a place where people who enjoy anime can talk about, and Share new Animes, or Mangas. We love em' all, what ever you are, and furries are welcomed, were not haters here!


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Nov 10 '16
Hiya, i love anime as i love cardcaptor sakura and pokemon . but that all i heard of , what good anime tv shows are there ?
Sep 19 '16
Ello Eey
Feb 21 '16
Hey! I am looking for people who likes to talk about Message me :)
Dec 31 '15
Hey! Im new to all this and thought meeting some anime fans would be a great start! Message me :D
Aug 17 '15
Hey! I'm looking for friends to talk to... Message me :3
Jul 27 '15
HI! I want some people to talk to about anime so message me!
May 1 '15
Hi, I am crazy about Manga.
Apr 18 '15
Hey! is there any new anime on?
Apr 17 '15
Hi !
where are all of you from ?
Apr 4 '15
Hey! So who loves anime???
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