All About Relationships
A place where people can meet others who are facing relationships issues & sexuality. Share advice, trading tips and tell your story. 
21 members
Horse Lovers City
for anyone who loves horses. all are welcome even if you do not own a horse(s)
2 members
Honest & good people.. welcome
Try to talkPlease no lie
13 members
the history of PERSIA
The nice and vibrant History Of Traditional Iran
4 members
free zone
talk for everything you want 2 talk!this is free zone!!!!
4 members
Any Star Wars Fans out there?
A galaxy far, far away....
9 members
Just a group for people between these age to correspond away from people and to contact each other ! Join if interested
45 members
Japanese image
How do you have japanese image? I am Japanese. I am beginner to write in English. But I challenge to Chat.
3 members
Fans of Olde Englishe
For those of you out there that enjoy speaking in the tongues of old ~ with eloquence, care, and civility. If you enjoy reading and conversing in a respectable and highly stimulating manner, then I dare say this is the group for you, friend. Dashing gents, sophisticated dames, chivalrous sirs, res...
2 members
Those in their 60's and 70's
It seems there's a lack of people for this age group. If you'd like, we can start a group just for us where we can make new friends, share our concerns, a good joke or, just talk about our families, and things that interest us. How about it?
12 members
Daily Life Sharing
This group welcomes all friends who love to share their daily life happenings. Some might write about how s/he spent the day at office or some may share what and how s/ho cooked. Or it may be on a person someone met today or about her/his child's behavior etc.   
27 members
a vibrant place for cool guys!!!!!!C.G. is short for cool guys.
6 members
surounded by strangers
For people who are in large groups of people but have no friends to talk to
19 members
Alone in a crowd
For people who are in large groups of people but have no friends to talk to
5 members
Gamer's United!
Whether you're a fan of Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, a PC gamer, etc, it doesn't matter! Have fun talking to others who enjoy FPS's, Action, Adventure, Horror, RPG's, Story Based, Anime, and more, types of games! The only rule is to not be biased! This is a community and we all must get along no matte...
26 members
Martial Arts Fans
Lets Talk About Martial Arts, Different Techniques, Fighting Strategies.
3 members
So... Lets talk Anime.
People who love Anime unite! This is a place where people who enjoy anime can talk about, and Share new Animes, or Mangas. We love em' all, what ever you are, and furries are welcomed, were not haters here!
41 members
Korean pop
11 members
Italy for Italians
A group for those who are Italians and want to have some chit-chats!Un gruppo per chi è italiano e vuole fare due chiacchiere
3 members
Anyone who enjoys TRPG. Let us share.
2 members

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