Alone in a crowd
For people who are in large groups of people but have no friends to talk to
5 members
sl friends
4 members
free zone
talk for everything you want 2 talk!this is free zone!!!!
4 members
the history of PERSIA
The nice and vibrant History Of Traditional Iran
4 members
Open group for worldwide members to meet and share ideas and make friendships. No string attached.
3 members
Martial Arts Fans
Lets Talk About Martial Arts, Different Techniques, Fighting Strategies.
3 members
Italy for Italians
A group for those who are Italians and want to have some chit-chats!Un gruppo per chi è italiano e vuole fare due chiacchiere
3 members
Japanese image
How do you have japanese image? I am Japanese. I am beginner to write in English. But I challenge to Chat.
3 members
Anyone who enjoys TRPG. Let us share.
2 members
Fans of Olde Englishe
For those of you out there that enjoy speaking in the tongues of old ~ with eloquence, care, and civility. If you enjoy reading and conversing in a respectable and highly stimulating manner, then I dare say this is the group for you, friend. Dashing gents, sophisticated dames, chivalrous sirs, res...
2 members
Horse Lovers City
for anyone who loves horses. all are welcome even if you do not own a horse(s)
2 members

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