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  • I'm well thanks Adrian - & you?
    Jun 23
    Im very Well!! Thank you!

    I see what you live in Sudáfrica and I like know about the customs there!!
    Jun 23
    Have a look at the following link >
    Yesterday, 03:40
    Jaja!! I know! but I would like talk to you, because you live there!! You can talk me about the tradicions, or you can talk me about you.
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  • Hi Adrian, Leonardo & Stephanie - I would value being e-pals with you! Please reply for sincere contact, then we can switch to emails. Regards, Chris
  • I'm well thanks, how are you? You have a nice nice name!
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    Jun 18
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  • I am Clara please contact me ([email protected]) if you are interested i am here for friendship. I will explain about me when you send a massage to me direct on my email.
    Thanks Clara.
    Jun 16
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    Jun 15
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  • Jun 11
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  • Hello Dear,
    How are you,hope fine,
    My name is Camelia i was impressed when I saw your profile and I believe we can have long term relationship. Please I will like you to email me back at ([email protected]) so I can tell you more about
    myself ok.
    Awaiting for your lovely response
    Jun 3
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